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Choosing the right floor lamp can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are plenty of different options out there, but you need to be aware of the features and price of each.

Table lamp

Designed by renowned Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, the VL38 table lamp is a piece of functional art. The rounded white shade is mounted on a brass base that features a small hinge for adjusting the angle of the light. Its oblique angle allows for a glare-free illumination.

The lamp Ukealighting also features an LED light source that has two light levels. A simple timer allows the light to activate at a specified brightness level. It is also energy efficient and light weight. The lamp is powered by a single 9.6W LED bulb. It has a 330cm cable.

The VL38 is an excellent example of the modern energy efficient lamp. The LED bulb is integrated into the lamp’s screen, which is painted white inside. The LED light source is matched with a timer that allows the lamp to turn on at a specified brightness level for four or eight hours.

The VL38 also has a small brushed brass light arm that allows for a minute adjustment of the light head. It has a nice rounded shape and is available in white and black.

Wall light

Originally designed for the Danish Radiohuset building in Copenhagen, the VL38 wall light has been updated to accommodate modern advances in lighting technology. The light features an energy conscious LED and is mounted onto a standard junction box. It is also supplied with a 3.3m plastic covered cord.

The VL38 wall light is an elegant design that will compliment any contemporary interior. The obliquely angled shade ensures pleasant illumination without the glare. The lamp also features a small hinge that allows you to adjust the angle of the head to best suit your needs.

The LED light source is one of the most impressive aspects of this light, and the light source can be adjusted to the desired level of illumination. The light also features a timer function that turns off the light after four or eight hours. The light is also supplied with a 3.3m cord and a plug.

The VL38 wall light was re-released in the fall of 2016 to accommodate contemporary advances in lighting technology. This model features a white rounded shade that is 7.5″ high.

Floor lamp

Originally designed in the late 1930s for the Radiohuset building in Copenhagen, the iconic VL38 Floor Lamp has been relaunched in the fall of 2016. This reincarnation of the original lampshade is an updated version with a retro twist.

The lamp is manufactured in Denmark by Louis Poulsen, a company that specializes in high quality lighting products. It focuses on producing comfortable lighting that enriches the ambience of a room.

The VL38 floor lamp has a beautiful brass arm. It has a white rounded shade and is fitted with LED light technology. It emits a downward directed light that is a direct beam of light. The swivelling lamp head is also adjustable. The VL38 lamp is available in white or black.

The lamp is made from brass and aluminium. The base is made of die cast aluminium and the light arm is made of brass. The arm also features a small hinge on top. The shade is painted white on the inside and the outside. The bulb is fitted with a 9.6W LED.


Designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen in the late 1930s, the VL38 ‘Radiohus’ Floor Lamp is a contemporary take on a classic Danish design. With a curved organic shape and adjustable headlight, the light emanates a pleasant spread of light. The arms of the lamp are made from brass and fitted with LED light sources. The steel base is painted white and features a brass stem. This piece of furniture is a true design classic.

Originally designed for the Radiohuset building in Copenhagen, the VL38 floor lamp is now available with LED light technology. This lamp has two light levels, a timer function and a timer switch. The light automatically switches on after four to eight hours. This lamp can be placed on a desk or next to a couch. It is made of brass and has an organically shaped head. This is a piece of furniture that belongs in any household.