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chandelure pokemon

Chandelure is a Fire/Ghost-type Pokemon with a unique typing and good attack stats. It is a versatile offensive threat that can be used to support teams as a stallbreaker or revenge killer. It can also be a solid defensive player thanks to its high Special Attack, immunity to Blissey’s Seismic Toss, and the ability to use Substitute.

It is also immune to most Pursuit trapping moves, so it can be a strong defender of gyms and trainers. It is also a strong threat in PVP, where it can take on several fast threats with its Choice Scarf.

Known for its ghostly appearance, Chandelure resembles a sentient chandelier that has a striped, round head and round, pupil-less yellow eyes. Its head is surrounded by a ring of small, black spikes and a tall, purple flame in the center. From a black spike below its head, its arms curl upward. These arms are tipped with purple fire and are used for fighting.

The fires it flies do not burn its opponents physically; they burn their spirits instead, stealing their will to fight. It hypnotizes its victims with the ominous dancing of the flames, then absorbs their courage to use against their enemies.

This is a very powerful Pokemon, but it can be a little intimidating to fight. It is best to avoid it in PvP and focus on defending gyms or as a casual player.

In battle, it is recommended that you switch in with other Pokémon as much as possible, so you can get the most out of its Special Attack. This is especially important when you are facing a team of fast attackers that have access to a lot of different defensive moves.

Chandelure is also a great choice against teams of psychic and energy type Pokémon. It can slam into them with Fire Body and Flash Fire, or use Ghost-type moves like Will-o-Wisp and Trick to rob them of essential items and replace them with useless ones.

It can also learn moves to fend off other Fire-types. These include Smog and Energy Ball, as well as the Fire-type move Shadow Ball.

Players should also be careful to avoid using Fire-based attacks or items on Chandelure, as it will only absorb them and use them to strengthen itself. This makes it a very dangerous Pokemon, as it can easily destroy an entire team in one hit.

A Charge Move is a very good option for Chandelure, as it allows them to rely on one type of attack while also adding in another for added damage. Alternatively, they can choose to use Shadow Ball (Ghost-type) or Overheat (Fire-type).

If players are planning on using Chandelure as a defensive Pokemon in PVP, they will want to have more diversity in their moveset than if they are just trying to defend gyms. This is because there are a lot of fast and powerful Pokemon that can outspeed Chandelure, even with its Choice Scarf.