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The best way to style your hair is by going to a professional salon. Most salons have online booking services where you can schedule an appointment with a stylist of your choice. This will save you time, money and the hassle of waiting around in a salon.

Whether you’re looking for an up-do for prom, curls for a wedding or a new look for everyday wear, there is a stylist who can help you achieve your desired look. Here are some tips to make the most out of your salon experience:

Know Your Terms

Salons have their own language that can leave you feeling less than savvy. From describing your dream cut to explaining how she wants to “fuse” your strands, you may have trouble understanding what your hairdresser is talking about. However, learning a few key words and phrases will make your next haircut more seamless.

Hairdressers are responsible for processing your hair, washing it, cutting it and adding extensions. They have specialized training for their profession and must pass cosmetology exams to get their licenses. This means they are the people to go to when you want to change your look permanently. They can also advise you on color options, styles and how to maintain your new look.

Hairstylists specialize in styling hair, so they can help you create curls, waves, volume and more. They can also provide recommendations for what looks best on your face shape and lifestyle. They can help you add and reduce volume, highlight certain areas of your hair and create unique looks such as ombre or balayage.

When you book an appointment at a salon, it’s a good idea to bring a picture of your dream look with you. This will help your stylist understand exactly what you’re looking for and give them a guide to work from. It’s important to show your stylist pictures of what you like, but don’t feel obligated to agree with every suggestion they have.

It’s also a good idea to not wash your hair before heading to the salon. Most haircuts will begin with a shampoo session, so you can save yourself some time and money by not washing your hair at home beforehand. Additionally, you should carry cash with you to tip your stylist and their assistants. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use an app such as Booksy to secure your appointment ahead of time.

If you are a senior, check out your local Great Clips salon for special offers. You might even be able to score a discount on your haircut! Additionally, many Great Clips salons offer neck trims and beard trims for those who need a touch-up between haircuts. They’ll keep your hair and beard looking sharp so you never have to worry about it growing too long between appointments. The salons will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the day for clients and stylists to use. This is an important step to prevent the spread of flu and other infectious diseases.