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furniture style trends 2023

There’s no doubt that incorporating furniture style trends in your home can add beauty and a sense of elegance. But with so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. To help, we’ve gathered some of the top furniture style trends 2023 that are sure to bring a sense of luxury and refinement to any space.

From curvaceous silhouettes to statement stoneware, there’s a wide array of ways you can elevate your furniture this year. Here are some of our favorites:

With a nod to the classics, we’re seeing an increased demand for mid-century pieces in new designs and materials. This isn’t the stuffy vintage look that dominated in the past; it’s more of a contemporary, sleek take on timeless shapes, which will make any room feel fresh and modern.

As the pandemic made us all more aware of our impact on the planet, many homeowners have turned away from mass-produced furniture in favor of sustainable, eco-friendly designs. This means that many of the upcoming furniture trends will have an organic, green aesthetic that celebrates natural materials and the earthy beauty of nature.

While neutrals will always be in fashion, we’re starting to see more demand for bolder colors like teal and azure. This is especially true when it comes to upholstery, with designers showing that blue can be as luxurious as black. In fact, this color has become so popular that it’s even influenced the fashion industry.

Another way you can elevate your style is with patterned accents. Designers are showcasing patterns that are playful and feminine, which makes them perfect for adding a dose of personality to any space. Whether it’s an elegant damask print, a pretty floral or a colorful geometric motif, these accents are sure to add a sophisticated touch to any room.

While the popularity of nubby fabrics like sherpa and boucle’ is fading, more and more homeowners are embracing performance weaves and linens for their comfort and durability. This trend is also showing up in accessories, like the baskets, ottomans and benches that are popping up with woven-fiber accents.

A more subtle form of texture is the return of terra-cotta. Brands like Galotti&Radice, Ethimo and Flexform have been showcasing a range of terra-cotta designs that are a spicier take on the classic shade. The warm, earthy tone of terra-cotta can instantly make any room feel more cozy and welcoming.

Unlike the flashy Barbiecore and Dopamine decorating trends of 2022, many homeowners are now embracing a more subtle style that’s inspired by Danish design. Fluted mirrors and consoles, ceruse-treated sideboards and soft upholstered seating all evoke this pastel Danish look, which brings a sense of serene, happy beauty to any room. This style is particularly well suited to kitchens, where quartersawn white oak perimeter cabinets and honed marble countertops pair beautifully with a soft ambiance.